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CNC Automation System for single machines and for complete production lines.

NP886 can be configured and personalized according the most disparate of client's needs.

NP886 represents an evolution in industrial CNCs.

The inteface simplifies the management of single machines with just a few axis as well as the management of complex production lines like machines for squaring and edgebanding that are often tied to other machines like loader chargers, unloaders, barcode reading systems and automatic inkjet printers.



- Data input via keyboard, via floppy disk, via serial connection or from a network.
- Hard disk for user programs with 1 GB memory.
- Association of a list of notes and a user editable design to each work program.
- Tool and axis corrector management.
- Work list.
- Calendar with clock for recording production events.
- Statistics - Diagnostics - Messages.
- On-Line instruction manual.
- Explanation page of errors and warnings.

Positionig axis

- Automatic zeroing.
- Axis monitoring.
- Fully programmable specific positioning data.
- Centesimal resolution.
- Module 3, 4, 6 axis boards for the different applications.

Main PLC features

- PLC integrated in the CNC with logic and mathematical instructions.
- Programming via keyboard or via personal computer.
- 6 Kbytes of EEPROM program with management of maximum 192 I/O.
- 512 bytes of buffered RAM for internal variables.
- Programmable timers.
- Real-time debugger on internal variables and I/O.
- Manual forcing of outputs under test.
- User messages.

Connection features

Dimensions: L H=140 L=300 P=200
Power Supply: 21 V AC o 24 V DC
Power Supply tolerance: 15 %
Absorb.: 5 A max. in standard configuration and 1 A in vic420 verison
DC Transf.: 200 VA

Standard software

- integrated custom PLC
- Windows operator interface
- serial network communication with remote racks
- multiaxis positioning management


- NP886 remote rack
- input/output boards
- analog output boards
- input encoder boards
- analog input boards

Pc industriali

- IPC600
- IPC450

Software applications

- window working centers
- cutting machines
- squaring machines
- and many more...

OEM Applications