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Modular and compact numerical control for axes positioning of new generation, son of the famous VIC sistem, allow an excellent  expansion in axes number and input / output, by HW modules on CAN bus.   Allow the management of programmed interventions of groups ( Digitals ).

Made for the complete automation of single machines ( axes + PLC ), particularly proper also for special configuration of machine non repeatable.

The ICE system is a Terminal operator based on Windows CE operating system that make it comparable with a small PC, with USB, Ethernet and RS232 ports, to allow connection to external devices or mass storage devices.   A CAN port connects ICE to HW modules for axes and I/O.

The software of ICE is based on ISO programming language improved by special functions, that make it high flexible, specially in combining with soft-PLC integrated, ( IEC 1131-3 with 5 programming languages ).

The PLC and ISO cycles, as also the configuration method, is the same used from the CNI iLENIA system, making easy to migrate from one system to the other.


Can manage the teleassistance.