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Economic and flexible system for single applications in all industrial sectors.

With MIC System it is possible to

  • cascade the connections for Master-Slave configurations.
  • develop software and hardware according to customer's needs.
  • have Help in programming and testing.
  • use multilanguage functions.

MIC is a little jewel for many reasons. Its default implementations are for digital or single axis configurations.

DIGITAL AXIS Configuration

Speed reading of piece advancement with 12V encoder (Push-Pull , Open Collector).

Piece reading with 2 independent input limit switches (N.O and N.C.).

Automatic adjustment intervention upon transport speed variation.

Entrance and exit correctors.

Completely configurabile machine parameters.

SINGLE AXIS Configuration

AC type axis management, with end of line zeroing, incremental encoder, and directional digital axis exits.

It is possible to use exits to activate "slow" functions.

All machine parameters can be completely configured.